It is somewhat uncommon for these predators to climb trees, and the reason being is still unknown as this activity seems to be increasingly taken on within prides in East Africa. However, it is speculated the reasons are possibly to escape swarms of insects on the breeze-less surface, and benefit from a cooler temperature at the same time - a great explanation for their new mystifying behaviour!  In this particular case it could very well have been some cheeky cubs taking advantage of their care-free youth to have a little fun.

Cubs in trees.JPG

This recent sighting of endearing cubs was guided by Tinka, our Saruni Mara Guide, in Mara North Conservancy. Babar Dharani, a recent guest staying at Saruni Mara took the fantastic photos who had front row seats and reported the spectacle… “The 6 naughty cubs claimed the tree as their playground. Largely un-skilled at climbing, we frequently noted slipping of a limb or adjusting of their bottoms to find a comfortable position, also stepping on each other to get to a higher branch, yet thoroughly enjoying their fairly uncomfortable playground of the day. What an adorable sighting!”  We totally agree with you Babar.

A Cub's Life.JPG