Someone once said ‘’a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles’’, and how right they were. The past few weeks have shown us how one gesture of kindness and empathy, can change the future of a life. This certainly was the case for our much valued member of Saruni Mara staff, Mary Yialle, and her baby daughter, ‘Precious’ by name and nature.

Acting on a mother’s instinct after the birth of her beloved daughter, Mary was certain something was amiss and after seeking medical advice soon learnt the unthinkable for any mother, that Precious was born with a heart defect and needed life-saving treatment. From the heart of the Masai Mara, and far away from access to standard ‘western’ medical practices, Mary began the journey to save her daughter’s life with a series of attempts to receive the much-needed medical care in Kenya, through an international charity performing operations in Nairobi. Due to the high number of urgent surgeries, devastatingly they were not able to treat Precious on this visit.

This did not stop Riccardo, CEO of Saruni and Mary’s employer - something had to be done. In a series of emails and telephone calls with the pioneering charities involved – ‘Chain of Hope’ & ‘MEAK’ – Riccardo appealed for them to re-consider Precious’ case – and incredibly, they quickly consulted together and agreed to carry out the operation. The miracle rapidly unfolded and soon Mary and Precious were flying off to London with all expenses covered!

Precious having fun in hospital post op.JPG

The 17th of April 2018 marked the day of the successful surgery at Evelina Children’s Hospital , where Precious remains, (recovering well) and after some weeks of post operation monitoring will return to her homeland Kenya where her beloved family awaits with anticipation.

This could not have been possible without the saving grace of the charities involved, the surgeons and all medical professionals involved in the surgery, to which their commitment knows no bounds. Words cannot describe how grateful, not only Precious’s family but all those involved are, to both ‘Meak’, an organization which funds medical and surgical missions in the fields of pediatric cardiac surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology and orthopedics (www.meak.org)  & ‘Chain of Hope’ a global high standard cardiac care organization to children in need (www.chainofhope.org). Your work is a humble reminder on the effect of compassion and we cannot express our gratitude, thank you!

 Mary & Precious  (bottom right & centre) with the MEAK CHARITY team - L-R: Dee (top left), Alex (top right), Teresa (bottom left). 

Mary & Precious  (bottom right & centre) with the MEAK CHARITY team - L-R: Dee (top left), Alex (top right), Teresa (bottom left). 

We also wish to thank Cecilia, the manager at Saruni Mara, for bringing all of the ‘pre-story’ to our attention, to Riccardo for his amazing support, and finally to all others who made this possible. Saruni has since made a generous donation to the charities and we all look forward to welcoming Mary & Precious back home.