Whilst we proudly believe that the beauty of the Saruni experience speaks for itself, we thought we would ignite your imagination and inspire your wanderlust with our '6 Reasons to visit Saruni' guide.

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    ① Six reasons to visit Saruni Mara
    Saruni Mara is nestled into the secluded hills of the Mara North Conservancy, with the wide open game plains to the south and lush forest to the north. Guests can explore the world renowned Mara-Serengeti ecosystem in complete, uninterrupted exclusivity in this private and protected conservancy.

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    ③ Six reasons to visit Saruni Samburu
    The Samburu are the indigenous nomadic tribe and custodians of the area where the lodge is found. Guests have the unique opportunity to witness, interact with and learn from one of the oldest remaining tribes in Africa. Our guides are Samburu warriors who are professionally qualified, but more importantly, who share their authentic local knowledge, ancient traditions and customs with guests.

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    ② Six reasons to visit Saruni Wild
    Guests can encounter true Africa at Saruni Wild: under canvas and vast African skies, out in the middle of unspoiled wilderness, surrounded by and a part of nature – a truly authentic and life-enriching experience.

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